Fergie Footwear Photocall

Fergie is seen here at the MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show 2014 with beachy waves at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


She has a middle part that is less than perfect and no bangs which is reminiscent of the no style styles from the 70's. Her long locks have highlights and lowlights with variations of color from brunette to bleach blonde. The same look that you would get hanging out at the beach in the sun and near salt water. She is wearing an animal print top and jacket in grey and black.

MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show 2014 - Day 2 - "Fergie Footwear" Photocall

And here is her full view showing off her shoes which start out at about $69.00 a pair. These are silver/grey in the gladiator style which is so popular for spring summer 2014. Her leggings are tight and shiny black.

And here is a YouTube video to help with styling and how to for beach waves with a flat iron for your enjoyment: