Hairstyles you Might See on the Streets of Seattle

Here is a collection of pictures that have good examples of hair and fashion in and around Seattle:

sidewalk scene

Here we see colored jeans in shades of red and grey as well as cargo pants and others for men as well as a suit jacket and a loose sweater. These guys are sporting short hair.


Being downtown in the city these folks are shopping and carrying bags with their purchases. These ladies have long hair and one is keeping her head warm with an animal print knit hat. I see a pair of high heel black knee high boots with studs around the top worn with leggings. I see pink leggings with short furry boots as well.

Recycle, Starbucks, Dog Walking

This photo is so Seattle with a recycle bin, Starbucks in the background, and a dog on a leash. This gal is using her wide scarf as a head wrap and ear warmer. She has it tied at the back of her crown with an updo. She is carrying an over sized Coach bag.

street scene

Being a cold and sunny winter day we see a variety of fashion here. Everything from boots with leg warmers to Vans without socks. These two ladies have opted for ponytails and one has a cadet hat with her pony twirled up like a big loose disheveled knot. Backpacks are extremely common on the streets of Seattle. It's a great way to carry purchases or just your stuff. The weather changes constantly so it's good to be prepared with extra hats, gloves, scarves etc. And don't forget the snacks and drinks.

woman and bus

I love this picture with a woman standing and holding her coat rather than wearing it. There is a long shadow from the sun. The bus to Redmond is in the background.

city scene

We've got a guy here sporting trends from various eras. He's sporting an edgy pompadour which became popular in the 50's, big aviator sunglasses from the 80's as well as military style boots and leather jacket with colored skinny jeans that are tucked into his boots. His hairdo has quite the amount of height and a boxy look. For some styling help check out this post.

ladies and girl

These ladies have cropped hairstyles and we see the backside here which shows the layers. Jackets, jeans, and boots are their choices.

packwork backpack

This is really quite Seattle with a patchwork backpack that looks like it could have been made with recycled materials. It is quite colorful and full of personality. The over sized bomber jacket looks like a thrift shop find. There is some red curls showing under that knit beanie.

colorful mom

Here with have the woman who wins the most colorful mom award. She is wearing a fedora hat with violet purple hair, a black checked jacket, an orange skirt, and patterned cowboy boots. She has an over sized yellow bag. Her daughter has tights with hearts and red boots.

teen girls

And of course here we have a group of teen girls sporting knit hats, jeans, and boots and long hair.

So that wraps up our colorful journey around an urban area. These pictures show that anything goes in this diverse city. Come as you are and have fun.