Women of the 1950's Enjoying Country Life

These two ladies are looking rather glam for their era wearing bathing suits and cat eye sunglasses while they stand at the river's edge fishing.

1950's Bathing Beauties

This was a common activity on a hot summer day in rural America and what better way to catch some rays than to wear the good old swimsuit. Back then ladies covered up quite a bit more than they do today and it was considered sexy. Their one piece suits come up quite high in the back and the legs are cut straight across which helped to keep things in place. The material looks rather thick almost like a girdle. Back then most women wore girdles with dresses even if they were thin. It was just the fashion. It was considered unsightly to have loose looking skin/tissue.

close up

These ladies have fine short hair. They had perms to help with body since the styles of this time where generally curly. Being a casual day for them, they have basically un-styled locks that are cut short on the sides above the ears and the back is longer to the collar. The bangs are pushed up and off of the face. It was probably windy being on the snake river in the Palouse of Eastern Washington.

Other parts of their fashion include Keds and red ones at that. Their glasses are fun with white frames and black arms. That shape is so appropriate for this time.

This is my mom and my aunt, two sisters who had a whole ton of fun together.