Kids Hairstyles from the 1950's

Some fun hairstyle trends for boys and girls began to surface in the 1950's!!!!

brothers and sister

This is a darling photo of two brothers posing for a portrait with their younger sister who is sitting in between them.

The two boys are sporting the all new crew cut of their time. These kids would fit right in in today's fashion and hair world. The sides of their styles are cut shorter and the top is spiked up and cut straight across. They used products to achieve this look and are looking rather grown up and fashionable. They are wearing polo shirts with collars and while the older one has his buttoned to the top, the younger one has a more relaxed look with the top left undone.

Their little toddler sister has very short Bettie Page type bangs that are cut in an arch with the sides coming down into a curly type bob. The top section is very straight while the sides are created with pin curls that are dried into shape and gently brushed through to keep their form. The length on the sides is just past ear level. Her little dress is cute with puff sleeves.

Quite the handsome all American family from the days of Leave it to Beaver.