Asymmetrical Bob for Mature Woman

Helen Mirren is sporting a bob that is shorter on one side to create an asymmetrical appearance here at the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards.

Helen Mirren

This attractive 68 year old actress shows us that we can still look fabulous with a perfect haircut for a woman in her 60's and also have something edgy. Her blonde color works well with mature grey in a way that works well together. The grey shade is more of a white so some softer tones are placed near her face in her bangs. One side can either be tucked behind the ear or actually cut just above the ear for the effect. The other side comes down to chin level. There is no specific part but rather there is one point where all strands are styled from. There is a touch of lift at the top for this straight style. The ends taper with some layers to prevent bushiness.

She has won many awards throughout her acting career which included films beginning in the 60's. She was born in London in 1945. Her movies include: Excalibur, Calendar Girls, and Hitchcock.