1950's Men's Hair and Fashions

What did typical men wear back then and what kind of haircuts did they have?

1950's Men

This is an actual photograph from the late 50's showing three generations of men sitting in the grass posing for the photo. Of course man's best friend has to accompany them for this shot, after all, he is part of the family. This is something that has not changed over the years: human's love of animals.

Grandpa is on the right and wearing a pin striped double breasted suit with a white shirt and tie. He has wire framed glasses and sunk in lips to suggest the probability of dentures. His hair has thinned a bit which he wears in a simple style of combed to the side. His fedora hat sits on his leg.

The father has very thinned hair and so the comb over is his style of choice. Those were the days when men did not celebrate baldness and therefor tried to hide it but in the process just called more attention to the matter. He is wearing a button up shirt with double breast pockets and it is buttoned to the top.

The son and youngest of the bunch is showing typical teen wear with a polo shirt and that has rolled up sleeves and his collar is buttoned to the top as well. His jeans are rolled up at the bottom to show his argyle socks with dress type shoes. His hair has long bangs that have a side swept movement over the forehead. A deep side part is distinct. All the strands are combed forward from the back of the crown. I am not quite sure how he kept his locks from falling over his face. This style carried over into the 60's as well.