Anna Gunn with Bob for Fine Hair

Anna is sporting a short bob that is perfect for someone with straight fine hair.

Anna Gunn

Her hair is parted on the side and her bangs are the same length as the rest of her style which is about ear level. Her color is blonde with highlights and lowlights. Strong hold hairspray holds everything in place and keeps the bangs from falling forward. It can be difficult for women with thin hair to find a good style and this one is certainly worth consideration. She has a long and fairly narrow face so the length of her style brings the eye out horizontally while one looks at her.

Her skin is very fair and her eyes are blue. She is wearing a strapless dress and is rather thin with prominent collar bones. Her overall color scheme is monochrome which helps her look taller.

The event here is the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards. Anna is best known for her role as Skyler White on Breaking Bad. There is much speculation about her dramatic weight loss and some are saying that is could be possibly Lupus.

The Television Academy’s 64th Primetime Emmy Awards Performers Nominee Reception

This second photo is from the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Performers Nominee Reception and shows us a comparison of her size in September of 2012. Here she has a longer bob down to her shoulders and it's curly. She has more meat on her bones as well.