Typical Woman of the 1940's

Just standing on the porch posing for a picture, this gal's image comes straight from the mid 40's complete with curled hair and conservative dress.

1940's Woman

A deep side part was common and bangs are swept to the side and pinned with bobby pins. The top portion is smooth while the curls are kept toward the bottom. The length is just short of the shoulders.

Her dress is knee length and quite plain while belted at the waist. Her tie shoes look quite worn.

Looking at the details on the porch of this house, it looks like the porch light bulb is missing, and the mailbox is so tiny. They must not have received much mail 😉

This is a pretty awesome YouTube on 1940's how to hair that shows how to use pin curls to get your look. This is actually what the ladies did back in the day.