Handsome Men of the 1950's

Here we have a charming photo from the early 1950's of two young men probably brothers looking rather dashing in their period clothes.

Brothers of the 1950's

They both have wavy hair that is short on the sides. Being clean cut meant having no strands touching the ears or collar. The top of their styles is longer to allow for some styling with products that keep things in place. They both have side parts with full heads of thick hair.

They are wearing suit jackets and pleated pants. One of them has a short wide tie with a tie clip. The other one is wearing a round neck shirt with horizontal stripes.

They are standing in front of car that has wide whitewall tires which was all the rage back then. They were an upgrade from the regular black tires but they were all the rage back then. People often posed in front of their vehicles as they were quite the prized possession.

I wonder what they two were up on this day back in 1952. Maybe they were home for the holidays and mom and dad wanted a shot of them together. Or maybe they were headed out for a night on the town. The one on the left looks a bit mischievous and the one on the right looks mysterious plus he has the downward sad puppy eyes.