Grunge Rocker Chick

Here's a style wave for ya if you want something a little edgy with a twist of 80's with currently trendy.

grunge rocker

Let's start with the hairdo which is pulled back into a single braid that sits at the top of the crown. It sits high on the head and dangles down the back like a ponytail. All strands are pulled straight back for a slicked back appearance. The braid itself is narrow rather than bushy. You can tell this model has relatively fine hair and the end of the braid is quite thin.

The color theme of her garb is bright royal blue. Her long skirt is made of a netted material and has long slits. The black waistband sits high at the natural waist. Her top is cropped and hits at the midriff. Her lipstick is dark blue for the look of death. How perfect for an outing to a death metal concert.

The gladiator wedge shoes make the outfit much more modern trendy. These will be the look of Spring 2014.