70's Headband Hairstyles

A very popular trend during the 1970's involved the addition of a headband as a focal point and here are some great examples for you to check out.

This first one shows a young lady with smooth strands and a tiny bit of height at the top of the crown. She has long bangs that are swept to the side and left loose out of the band. Hers is white and wide. The ends of her tresses have a slight bend at the bottom.

Headband Girl

This one is pretty with a red and white patterned headband. She has used a form ( hair bump foam ) underneath the hump on top for more height and perfect for the 60's / 70's look. She has pulled her bangs back and tucked them under the headband. Her locks are full of soft curls.

beautiful headband girl

This one uses a very wide headband that covers much of the crown and using a super stretchy material provides more comfort. This one is knit or crocheted but does not look handmade. This model has shorter hair and bangs that are slightly brushed to the side.

Short Hairstyle with Headband