Vintage Prom Hairstyles

Prom and high school dances are such an important part of our teen lives. Trying to find the right style to match one's individual personality as a means of expression can be a challenging task. There is always the safe and easy path of going with the flow and following the current trend but if you want to stand out and have a little fun, then maybe take a look at some fun vintage styles that capture the charm of days gone by.

This first photo shows a young lady with auburn red hair that is styled in a smooth and straight fashion. She has pulled it back around to the base of her neck and positioned the ponytail in a loop that drapes down in a very 1940's kind of way. She has small flowers tucked behind her ear. Her dress is checkered and full of flowing lace which reminds me of the gunny sacks dresses of the 70's and 80's.

1940's prom

The one below is so lovely and feminine. Who can resist ringlets like Shirley Temple. Blond curls that are defined and keep their shape with strong hold hair products.

Blonde Ringlets

This next one is great if you have short hair. The wavy bob is so 1920's-ish and quite chic. She has very short bangs that are brushed up and over to the side. A flat iron that is rocked back and forth can help to get a look like this one.

Blonde Wavy Bob

This one is fun and flashy and has that 80's rocker feel. What a fun updo that looks like a mohawk without actually having one. The sides are slicked back and the top is left long and projects up like a rooster tail. Blonde is fun but any color would be a hit with this one.

1980's Updo

And if you want to step way back in time, how about a little Victorian prim and proper with a cream colored dress that buttons all the way up to the neck and has long sleeves. The hat with feathers is the finest detail.

Victorian Woman

Here is a great way to make a faux wavy bob by pulling one side of the locks back in an updo while leaving the bang area of the other side out and crimping it.

Amy Adams