80's Nerd Costume

This is a perfect look for the female looking for a fun and nerdy theme that showcases the retro colored telephone as a prop.

Redhead women with green telephone.

Back in the day it was cool to have a side part and pigtails just made it that much better. This model is wearing thick black framed glasses that give her the studious nerd persona. She does not have a ton of hair so this is just right for those with fine locks. The top portion is smooth and straight and the ponies are loosely curled. The phone is chartreuse and has the dial that gave the fingers a good workout.

This photo shows her with the look of shock holding the receiver in one hand and yelling into the microphone. She is probably offended by a would be suitor and cannot believe he would say such a thing.

Many of us who are old enough remember a tele like this one attached to the wall in the kitchen and if you were lucky enough, you had a long cord so that you could at least go around the corner to talk in peace away from listening family members.

Oh my here is a sampling of old retro telephones to take a gander at.