Vintage Bun Hairstyles

What a sweet look for a special occasion, prom, or everyday, and this young woman here has just the one.

Her honey blonde hair is slicked back and held tightly to the scalp as it is brought to the back of the head and secured into a ponytail and then formed into a neat bun. Her bangs are sectioned off and pulled to the side and with the help of strong hold hairspray, it stays in place. A pretty white ribbon is tied around the bun and a bow is created on top. Her red and black polka dot strapless dress and white pearls along with red earrings are a perfect way to celebrate a classic 1950's look. Her black eyeliner extends past the eyes for a flirtatious spark.

Here is a fun YouTube for making a Cinderella hairstyle.

For help with making a beautiful bun check out this YouTube.

Here is another look that is more mature and elegant and would be perfect for a formal event.

Formal Vintage Udpo

This woman has silver, platinum blonde hair that is pulled straight back and her bun is sitting high on the crown. She is wearing ritzy looking drop earrings and has bare shoulders for her evening out.