Paloma Faith Funky Two Tone Hair

Paloma Faith is sporting long wavy red hair with a splash of bleach blonde that swoops up like a wave above her forehead.

She is wearing a butterscotch colored suede hat that sits high on her head and has a wide brim. She has dark eyes and eyebrows and bright red lipstick for a bit of drama. She proves that hairstyles don't need to be ordinary and are best used a means to show off one's personality. The more colorful and shapely the better. The bang area is brushed up and held into place with gel and strong hold hairspray.

This photo comes from an important event to get the word out about unemployed youth in the UK. Paloma sings with the Choir of the Unemployed at the Houses of Parliament in London on October 8th. If you would like to watch the YouTube of this event here is a link.