Lauren Conrad Spiral Pontytail

Here is one hot look for summer or anytime a spunky updo is in order by Lauren Conrad as she celebrated her 26th birthday in Las Vegas last February.

Lauren Conrad

All strands of her honey blonde mane are pulled straight back and secured at the top of her crown with a few pieces to be used as the pony tie. Big spiral curls come down and brush over her shoulder as her head is turned to the side for the shot. Her sleeveless royal blue sequin party dress is a perfect festive color. She is wearing an understated gold chain necklace that is hidden from view as it has slipped behind the dress. This successful young fashion designer and reality star chose to party it up at the Hyde Nightclub at the Bellagio Hotel as she turned the corner from the early twenties into the mid to late twenties. What a perfect place to do it in the city that never sleeps.

Styling tips would include a large barrel curling iron held vertically while winding sections around it and holding for 10 seconds. Make sure the locks are perfectly dry before applying heat from the iron. Use the fingers instead of a brush to help keep the look.