Vintage Graduation Photo 1920's

Looking at this actual photograph circa 1920s shows us that not much has changed in all these years with the dress and pose for that special day portrait.

1920s graduate woman

This is from the era when women were cutting their long tresses short into ear length bob haircuts. The Marcel wave was popular and all the rage. This gal has dark hair that she has styled around her graduation cap. This is one great example of "how to wear bangs" with this cumbersome yet all so important piece of clothing. The bangs are brushed to the side and partially tuck up and under but then a tuft barely peaks through as they swirl  back up under the brim. The sides are cut into graduated lengths that go from the eye down just past the ear. If you look closely you will see a little pin curl above one eyebrow. Her cap and gown are black with a big white collar.