Mens Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Men looking for some hairstyle options for fine hair might find these examples to be helpful in the quest for the perfect individual style.

Jilon VanOver

Above is Jilon VanOver who plays Ransom Bray on the three part mini series Hatfields & McCoys. He has fine blonde hair that he is wearing somewhat long and slicked back on the top and sides and the back is cut longer to collar length. The strands from the back flip out so they can be seen from the front and this helps to give some dimension to otherwise flat and thin hair as well. He has an unshaven face that makes for a bad boy appeal.

faux hawk

The photo above shows a young man with a short haircut that is longer on top. It has one spike in the center front that makes this style look somewhat like a faux hawk. When you have fine hair it is a little more difficult to get a look like this but it is possible with products such as pomade or gel. Important not use too much though.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has a short and layered cut that adds depth to this simple style. He has a medium brown shade with very subtle highlights. The bangs are tufted up a bit and cut short. The sides are at about mid ear level. The strands are pretty much combed down from a not so visible side part.

spiky hair

This one shows that a young man can look business like even with a spiky haircut. He is wearing a white shirt with vest and tie. The sides of his head are shaved close to the scalp and the top is spiked up!