1950's Working Woman's Hairstyle

This young woman is posing for a promotional shot behind the film counter. This is an actual vintage photo from circa 1953.

Woman at Work

She has short bangs that have been pin curled into place. The sides are curled toward the back and bobby pinned into place above the ear. She has a side part and medium brown hair that is cut short in the back. Women of this era usually did their styling at night with wet hair and then in the morning combed it into place. This gal has very fine hair which meant that keeping it short helped to prevent it from looking too thin.

She is wearing a pin striped button up blouse with flowers on the bodice. The man in the picture has a classic crew cut and he is wearing glasses. The other typical thing about him is the fact that is holding a pipe.

The shelves in the background appear to contain film and picture frames.