Vintage Wedding

With this look a bride wouldn't have to worry about a hairstyle:

vintage wedding

This bride and groom from the early 1900's shows us how things were done a century ago. The veil is attached to a hat that resembles a shower cap. The nice thing is, it covers up the hair so who has to worry? This is the ultimate idea for the bad hair day bride. She has a pale complexion and no make-up which was a desirable look for this time.

The wedding gown is 3/4 length hitting just past the knee. It has long sleeves and a modest v neck. The bouquet is large and romantic with greens that spring out in random directions.

The groom is wearing a dark tux and is holding his top hat in one hand next to him. His hair is short and slicked back with a side part. He has a boutonniere on his lapel which shows just how old this tradition is. Plenty of tonic helps with the wet look and keeps the stands in place.

There is a table with tablecloth in the background and they are standing on a patterned rug. This sepia photograph shows the props and fashions that make these vintage weddings so special. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your themed wedding, this is a good place to start.