1960's Mom and Kids: What did they wear?

Here is a great example of a family on vacation back in the day. It's a classic black and white photograph with big fir trees in the background and a glimpse of a mountain in the background. Photo most likely was taken in Mt Rainier National Park in the Great Pacific Northwest.


Everybody here has short hair. Mom has a typical curled style that was most likely set on rollers the night before. The bangs are brushed straight up and back for height and the sides are curled under right at the ear. The little girl has a pixie cut and a most hysterical expression showing missing teeth, the older sister has a bob with a touch of curl at the ends, and the young boy has a short crew cut. Button up shirts from plain white, to checks, to patterns were popular along with rolled up jeans. And we must not forget those unforgettable cat eye glasses. The year was about 1966.