Taming Cowlicks

Chinese Boy with Cowlick

Cowlicks can be the detriment of a hairstyle for a woman, especially if they turn up at the front of the hairline. Cowlicks are formed when tufts of hair emerge from the follicles at different angles from the rest of the mane. The cause is unknown but probably hereditary.

There are many famous people who deal with these pesky things on a daily basis. A well known actress, Tara Reid, shows how one of these troublesome traits can actually turn out to be an asset. Take a look at a picture of Tara with a hairstyle that incorporates this little tuft without any effort at all.

Ask your stylist to cut the strands surrounding the cowlick so that there is more weight in this difficult area. Many times the quirk will disappear when the hair surrounding it is cut to overlap it and therefor hide it making it possible to achieve your desired hairstyle. A good hairstylist at a reputable salon can make this happen.

Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can often help tone down these pieces with a mind of their own. Softer strands are less likely to spring out of control than dryer strands. Styling cream and a good natural bristle paddle brush with a blow-dryer pointed in a downward direction should help to encourage the strands to lie down. This method should help to straighten the cowlick.

Training the beast with the use of hair accessories is another option. Use headbands or clips to hold the hair down and eventually this area should respond by redirecting the hair in that direction. Hair relaxers are another option to try. If all else fails, growing the cowlick ridden area longer will naturally weigh down the area making it harder for it to spring out of control.