Shag Hairstyles


The shag hairstyle has been around since the 1970s. It is a timeless cut and is always in fashion. Small changes can be made to it to give it an update and keep it lively: a little shorter here or a little longer there or more or less curly. The model above has hers blown out straight but the layers and color really create movement.

The characteristics that make up this hairdo are layers that keep the fullness at the top, fringes, and short meaning cut at or above the shoulder.

Some popular celebrities over the decades have sported this shaggy chic look like Florence Henderson who played Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch back in the early 70s and Lisa Rinna.

Florence's version was short on the top and sides with longer pieces in the rear that flipped up. A more modern version has been popularized by actress Lisa Rinna who has kept this look for many years and she always looks great in it.