Hairstyles for Fine Hair


If you have fine hair, you know what a challenge it is to find a hairstyle that is flattering. Most of us with this hair type are aware of the fact that short styles will help with the look of more fullness and body. The above woman has a bob with layers around the bottom that add texture. This helps to add some volume around ear level.

A popular celebrity who dances with the stars and has this same obstacle with styling is Cheryl Burke. In that photo of her, she has a shoulder length hairdo that barely flips up on the ends. She has side swept bangs and graduated lengths that frame her face. Her darker color with sprinkles of lighter highlights also helps her hair look thicker and adds interest. Her style also gives the appearance of movement and that comes with a great cut from a professional stylist. Cheryl's 'do gets an A++.

If you are yearning for a long hairstyle, check this one out. The fact that the bangs are cut straight across makes it a good choice for a narrow face. She may very well have extensions so keep that in mind. Even though she has fine locks, it appears as though she has a fair amount of them. This would not look great on someone with a thin mane.

This is a really great option by Ellen Barkin and she has a short bob.

Jennifer Aniston has some great choices, but keep in mind that she has an abundance of strands.

Or, how about this one. Ha ha just kidding.

This one is really cute.

I like this one for a wavy option and it looks very feminine.

Hopefully that gave you a few ideas to go on.

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