Ugly Hairstyles


We are always striving to bring you pictures of great hairstyles, but there might be time when you need some examples of ugly hairstyles, so we would not want to disappoint. This woman above looks like the life has been sucked out of her locks. They are dry and in need of some conditioning. In fact, she needs a lot more than that. What a perfect hairdo if you are planning to go out on Halloween as a cave woman. She looks like she has been out camping with some dinosaurs or something.

Now, this person below, has a bad spiral perm. Her hair looks completely damaged. She must have just seen herself in the mirror with that look on her face. It might be a good look if you wanted to look like someone having a bad hair day, or wished to look like a frump, or whatever.


This poor man below cannot help his grey hair, but he could cut that stuff. The bald head with the long strands going on makes him look like someone from the Adams Family or something. He looks like a crazy professor. Sorry, but this is not a good look.


So, below here, we have a poor thing who is challenged trying to figure out which direction to direct the hair. She has a rats nest. It's perfect if you like to look like a mess.


There you have some examples of what not to wear for hair.


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