1920s Updo

This picture shows a 1920's woman with a rather modern and edgy updo from that era.

1920s Updo

This hairdo was accomplished with short curly hair. The sides are left down and hair is brushed upward toward the center top where bobby pins are used to secure the mass. The way that the hair is pulled up creates a look of full bangs on the forehead. The tresses on the sides are curled around forward just in front of the ears.

Jeweled accessories could have been used to dress the look up a bit more for formal events. This is a great example of vintage charm. A pretty blouse with pleats and a dainty necklace top off the look.

The 1920's were a time of many changes for women and hairstyles drastically changed from the long traditional looks to short and risky styles.

This is my grandmother who had strawberry blonde hair which of course you cannot tell as this photo is black and white. She had very fine hair as well with some natural curl to it. She used pin curls to create her styles. Bobby pins were placed on wet hair and then gently brushed out when dry.