50's Hairstyles for Men and Women

The 50's were a time of simplicity and Happy Days.

1950's Crew

Hairstyles reflected that theme as we see in this photo taken around 1957. Women wore their hair short and in easy care styles such as these which have some simple curls. Since blow-dryers were not used much at home, it was common to see women out shopping with curlers and hair nets during the day so they could look lovely at night. It was also popular to use pin curls which was nothing more than winding strands around the finger and securing them with bobby pins until hair dried. Many men chose the flat top crew cut for the then bad boy look. Black horn rimmed glasses topped off the look for men. Also khaki pants and white tee shirts and rolled up sleeves were the thing.

This is such a charming photograph of brothers and sisters and in laws. Everyone is gathered on the couch and around the coffee table for the picture and the photographer is going a swell job getting the crew to laugh. Magazines and new papers are spread across the table and on the back of the couch.