The Original Shag


The shag hairstyle began in the late 60's and was strong into the early 70's. This photograph was taken around 1970 and shows the hair and fashion that was hot during this time with men and women. This young woman's hairstyle has the typical hourglass shape that came from the transformation of the bouffant which was full and round on top. Then, the fringes of longer pieces that came down the neck and flipped up, just like the Florence Henderson hairdo from the Brady Bunch, made the shag just that.

You have got to love the long side burns and long locks on this blast from the past man. His mushtache is long and hooked as well. The white shoes top it all off, but how about those red pants and black socks.

For more information on the bouffant and how to get it take a look at that page.

Retro hairstyles are very in right now and many of the celebrities are using styles from the past to influence their current "dos" just like we see with Lisa Rinna and her version of the shag, Hilary Duff and her interpretation of hip from the past, and Jessica Simpson with a bouffant ponytail.