Typical Early 1950's Hair and Clothes for Men

1950's charm is seen here in this picture taken of a young man with his convertible car taken in the very early 50's.


The 1940's influence in fashion and hair is seen here with hair parted on the side and combed over with a wave in the front. Baggy slacks with cuffs at the bottom, and a little too short by today's standards, top off the vintage look. A preppy looking sweater with big round buttons was typical. His sunglasses are big aviator style with thin frames.

His pants were probably yellow cords. This here is my dad and he explained to me that back when he was young, they wore either yellow or grey cords and they were not hip unless they were dirty. He said he used to hide them from his mother so she wouldn't wash them.

He is in his 20's here and full of attitude with his hand on his hip looking all proud of his first car.